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Limp In Leap Out!

Meet Dr. Nicole Hamilton Gollan....

Since 2000, Dr. Nicole Hamilton has dedicated her time and energy to restoring the musculoskeletal balance in the bodies of countless patients. Dr. Hamilton brings a unique combination of critical medical experience, chiropractic expertise, and gentle caring that is trusted by doctors and surgeons – in addition to her long list of satisfied patients.

Dr. Hamilton’s practice focuses on patient care with the ultimate goal of making each patient pain free without the use of painkillers, drugs, or other harmful medications.

Drawing from hundreds of hours studying neurology, nutrition, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and more, Dr. Hamilton’s practice is built on trust and communication. Her analysis finds the links between various ailments and the musculoskeletal system – and she’ll always take the time to educate her patients on how or why she is doing something, along with preventative actions patients can do to improve their condition.

Conveniently located on 1608 Memorial Dr, near the Village of Brookwood, in Burlington, NC, Dr. Hamilton’s office balances comfort and professionalism, making patients feel at ease in an environment that is both welcoming and nurturing.

Experienced, honest, and focused, Dr. Nicole Hamilton is much more than just a chiropractor; by communicating with and educating her patients, Dr. Hamilton provides both treatment and knowledge to help patients feel better today and stay healthy tomorrow.

“Dr. Hamilton has helped me to improve my posture, relieve spinal aches and pain from stress and strenuous physical activity. She took amazing care of me after a car accident…I highly recommend Dr. Hamilton!”

“I am one of those typical cases with chronic neck pain, but Dr. Hamilton is not typical in her treatment.

She really gets a comprehensive plan and wisdom about you and treats accordingly…I'd recommend her to anyone, she is the best!”

“I have been a patient for 3 months and she has helped me more than any other chiropractor has in the last 15 years!”