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Animal Chiropractic

How Animal Chiropractic Works

  • The bones of the spine and joints in horses, dogs and cats ideally are maintained in a specific alignment.

  • The nerves and vertebrae are in constant communication with the central nervous system and brain.

  • When changes in the alignment occurs, subluxation, this can affect the nervous system, muscles, joints and other body functions.

What can I expect from an adjustment?

  • Most animals will typically handle an exam and adjustment without signs of pain.

  • If a painful region is identified, gentle techniques can be used to reduce pain before adjustments are performed.

  • Many animals will show immediate improvement, though often a few sessions might be required to resolve their pain. If a chronic health problem is identified, your animal may need periodic adjustments to maintain normal function.

Indications for Care

  • For Dogs and Cats: Reluctance to move, abnormal posture, animal lies on only one side, limited performance, signs of pain when performing certain movements, sensitivity to touch, stiffness after activity/bending or sleeping, irregular gait, decreased range of motion, among other clinical signs.

  • For Horses: Loss or decrease in performance, gait problems/lameness, problems or difficulty executing desired movements, behavioral changes.

  • For a more complete list, please refer to the link below:

  • http://www.avcadoctors.com/equinechiropracticquestion.htm

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association Certified 

 Dr. Nicole Hamilton is board certified by the AVCA in the practice of Animal Chiropractic, the primary national credential for this field in North America. Please see link below for details: 


Dr. Hamilton is not a veterinarian and works with and under supervision of Iron Will vets, Dr. Miller and Dr. Parks in Burlington NC.

Rates and Appointments

Please call for appointments.    (336) 269-9875

Traveling for animal adjustments are assessed on an individual basis. 

Discounts are available when treating multiple animal in one location. 

Initial Equine $125, Regular follow up treatment $85

Initial Dog $65, Regular  follow up Treatment $50